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Our lab’s vision

Our vision at The Lab for Cancer Drug Delivery & Cell Based Technologies is to exploit biological and engineering knowledge and expertise to design novel medical solutions by means of drug-delivery, cell-based and cell-free therapies, and biomedical and tissue engineering. In recent years the lab has focused on 4 main areas: I) Cell-based therapy for treating cancer and diabetes; II) Drug delivery systems for treating cancer and HIV/AIDS; III) Cancer gene therapy; and IV) Cardiovascular tissue engineering. Overall, our contribution to these fields has been widely recognized and reported in reputable scientific journals. Our work was cited over 1,600 times having an H-Index of 22 (Google Scholar). Along with our five published patents, our work provides materials, knowledge and techniques that can largely impact the medical world and better the human condition.

Research focus

Reconstructed stem cell nano-ghosts

A natural tumor targeting platform

Drug delivery

Micro and nano drug delivery systems for cancer and HIV therapy

Gene therapy 

Delivery of nucleic acids to cells and tissues using non viral technologies

Regeneretive medicine

Developing platforms for cardiovascular regenerative medicine

Cell encapsulation

Microencapsulation of living cells in a biocompatible and semi-permeable polymeric membrane

Research highlights

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