Vision, Mission and Research Interests

Our vision at The Lab for Cancer Drug Delivery & Cell Based Technologies is to harness biological and engineering knowledge and expertise to design novel medical solutions by means of drug and gene delivery, cell-based and cell-free therapies, as well as biomedical and tissue engineering. We believe that nature, in most cases, has already found ways and mechanisms to combat most diseases, albeit not always as effectively as we would hope. As biotechnology and biomedical engineers, we, therefore, envisage our role as identifying such mechanisms and implementing them in safe and effective technological solutions to better the human condition.

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Nanoghosts produced from the cytoplasmatic membranes of naturally targeted mesenchymal stem cells retain the cells’ membrane-associated targeting capabilities and selectively deliver cancer-toxic genes attacking tumor cells and vasculature.


  • Nano-Ghosts: A naturally targeted drug and gene delivery system.
  • Drug delivery: Micro and nano drug delivery systems for cancer, HIV and diabetes therapy.
  • Gene therapy: Delivery of nucleic acids to cells and tissues using non viral technologies.
  • Regenerative medicine: Developing platforms for cardiovascular and bone tissue engineering.
  • Cell encapsulation: Microencapsulation of living cells in a biocompatible and semi-permeable polymeric and natural materials for cancer and diabetes therapy.

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