Reconstructed stem cell nano-ghosts

A new drug-delivery system for cancer therapy

The ultimate goal in cancer therapy is a ‘magic-bullet’ that allows selective targeting of cancer cells. We developed a novel delivery platform, based on reconstructed stem cells nano-ghosts (NGs) produced from the whole cell membranes of rat or human mesenchymal stem cells. The NGs resembled liposomes in size, drug loading, and release profiles. Encompassing MSC surface molecules, the NGs have remarkably retained MSC targeting capabilities towards different tumors while allowing the loading and delivery of various drugs. The binding of MSC-derived NGs to cancer cells was found to be tumor-selective, but not species-specific, supporting in vivo active targeting. Biocompatibility studies in mice revealed that the NGs were rapidly cleared from non–target organs, exhibiting no toxicity or immunogenicity. A single systemic administration of NGs loaded with a model drug demonstrated unprecedented 80% inhibition of human prostate cancer.


Toledano-Furman, N,; Lupu, Y.; Bronshtein, T.; Sertshuk, L.; Letko, N.; Winshtein, E.; Baruch, L.;Machluf, M., Reconstructed Stem Cell Nanoghosts: A Natural Tumor Targeting Platform. NANO LETTERS MAGAZINE. 2013 Jun 20. [Epub ahead of print]

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NGs (red) targeting of human prostate cancer cells. The NGs are clearly apparent in the cell cytoplasm (green) and nuclei (blue) and can be used for targeted delivery of drugs or nucleic acids.