Cultivated Meat

Designing a clean meat platform based on scalable cellular building blocks and matching processing methodologies

Offering conventional meat-like nutritional values and eating experience without harming animals or the environment, clean meat is considered one of the leading solutions to the global food crisis. The development of means to meet technical challenges facing this pioneering field is, therefore, crucial. Aiming to address these challenges, we develop a novel technological groundwork for clean meat, based on micro-scale cellular building blocks that can be used―through a fast and affordable process―to produce different clean meat products ranging from minced meat to thick cuts. We engineer different types of cell-supporting edible microcarriers, which can be cellularized using a scalable, commercially-viable bioreactor system. To apply these cellularized carriers as the building blocks of cultured meat, we develop processing technologies that are based on the incorporation of edible oil-based gel microparticles, enzymatic reactions, and re-structuring technologies―all developed for this particular purpose and tailored for each clean meat application.