2011 – 2015

Research papers

  • Voloshin, T., Alishekevitz, D., Kaneti, L., Miller, V., Isakov, E., Kaplanov, I., Voronov, E., Fremder, E., Benhar, M., Machluf, M., Apte, R.N. & Shaked, Y. Blocking IL1beta Pathway Following Paclitaxel Chemotherapy Slightly Inhibits Primary Tumor Growth but Promotes Spontaneous Metastasis. Molecular cancer therapeutics 14, 1385-1394, 2015.

  • Shivinsky, A., Bronshtein, T., Haber, T. & Machluf, M. The effect of AZD2171- or sTRAIL/Apo2L-loaded polylactic-co-glycolic acid microspheres on a subcutaneous glioblastoma model. Biomedical microdevices 17, 69, 2015.

  • Sarig, U., Nguyen, E.B., Wang, Y., Ting, S., Bronshtein, T., Sarig, H., Dahan, N., Gvirtz, M., Reuveny, S., Oh, S.K., Scheper, T., Boey, Y.C., Venkatraman, S.S. & Machluf, M. Pushing the envelope in tissue engineering: ex vivo production of thick vascularized cardiac extracellular matrix constructs. Tissue engineering. Part A 21, 1507-1519, 2015.

  • Irvine, S.A., Agrawal, A., Lee, B.H., Chua, H.Y., Low, K.Y., Lau, B.C., Machluf, M. & Venkatraman, S. Printing cell-laden gelatin constructs by free-form fabrication and enzymatic protein crosslinking. Biomedical microdevices 17, 16, 2015.

  • Duvshani-Eshet, M., Haber, T. & Machluf, M. Insight concerning the mechanism of therapeutic ultrasound facilitating gene delivery: increasing cell membrane permeability or interfering with intracellular pathways? Human gene therapy 25, 156-164 (2014).

  • Ang, H.Y., Irvine, S.A., Avrahami, R., Sarig, U., Bronshtein, T., Zussman, E., Boey, F.Y., Machluf, M. & Venkatraman, S.S. Characterization of a bioactive fiber scaffold with entrapped HUVECs in coaxial electrospun core-shell fiber. Biomatter 4, e28238 (2014).

  • Wang, Y., Bronshtein, T., Sarig, U., Nguyen, E.B., Boey, F.Y., Venkatraman, S.S. & Machluf, M. A mathematical model predicting the coculture dynamics of endothelial and mesenchymal stem cells for tissue regeneration. Tissue engineering. Part A 19, 1155-1164 (2013).

  • Toledano Furman, N.E., Lupu-Haber, Y., Bronshtein, T., Kaneti, L., Letko, N., Weinstein, E., Baruch, L. & Machluf, M. Reconstructed stem cell nanoghosts: a natural tumor targeting platform. Nano letters 13, 3248-3255 (2013).

  • Steele, T.W., Huang, C.L., Nguyen, E., Sarig, U., Kumar, S., Widjaja, E., Loo, J.S., Machluf, M., Boey, F., Vukadinovic, Z., Hilfiker, A. & Venkatraman, S.S. Collagen-cellulose composite thin films that mimic soft-tissue and allow stem-cell orientation. Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine 24, 2013-2027 (2013).

  • Lupu-Haber, Y., Pinkas, O., Boehm, S., Scheper, T., Kasper, C. & Machluf, M. Functionalized PLGA-doped zirconium oxide ceramics for bone tissue regeneration. Biomedical microdevices 15, 1055-1066 (2013).

  • Bronshtein, T., Au-Yeung, G.C., Sarig, U., Nguyen, E.B., Mhaisalkar, P.S., Boey, F.Y., Venkatraman, S.S. & Machluf, M. A mathematical model for analyzing the elasticity, viscosity, and failure of soft tissue: comparison of native and decellularized porcine cardiac extracellular matrix for tissue engineering. Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods 19, 620-630 (2013).

  • Wang, Y., Bronshtein, T., Sarig, U., Boey, F.Y.C., Venkatraman, S.S. & Machluf, M. Endothelialization of acellular porcine ECM with chemical modification. Int J Biosci Biochem Bioinform 2, 363 (2012).

  • Sarig, U., Au-Yeung, G.C., Wang, Y., Bronshtein, T., Dahan, N., Boey, F.Y., Venkatraman, S.S. & Machluf, M. Thick acellular heart extracellular matrix with inherent vasculature: a potential platform for myocardial tissue regeneration. Tissue engineering. Part A 18, 2125-2137 (2012).

  • Goren, A., Gilert, A., Meyron-Holtz, E., Melamed, D. & Machluf, M. Alginate encapsulated cells secreting Fas-ligand reduce lymphoma carcinogenicity. Cancer science 103, 116-124 (2012).

  • Dahan, N., Zarbiv, G., Sarig, U., Karram, T., Hoffman, A. & Machluf, M. Porcine small diameter arterial extracellular matrix supports endothelium formation and media remodeling forming a promising vascular engineered biograft. Tissue engineering. Part A 18, 411-422 (2012).

  • Bronshtein, T., Toledano, N., Danino, D., Pollack, S. & Machluf, M. Cell derived liposomes expressing CCR5 as a new targeted drug-delivery system for HIV infected cells. Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society 151, 139-148 (2011).

  • Boehm, S., Lupu, Y., Machluf, M. & Kasper, C. Osteogenic Differentiation of adipose mesenchymal stem cells with BMP-2 embedded microspheres in a rotating bed bioreactor. BMC proceedings 5 Suppl 8, P74 (2011).

Review papers

  • Sarig, U. & Machluf, M. Engineering cell platforms for myocardial regeneration. Expert opinion on biological therapy 11, 1055-1077 (2011).

Book chapters

  • Shown, B., & Machluf, M. Perspectives in Micro and Nanotechnology for Biomedical Applications, Imperial College Press, UK. 2016


  • Machluf, M.; Bronshtein, T., LIPOSOMAL COMPOSITIONS AND USES OF SAME. In EP Patent 2,470,164: 2012.