Equipment and facilities

  • Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art tissue culture facilities including a time-lapse fluorescent microscope, flow-cytometer (FACS), and a large collection of cancerous and primary cells.

  • Owing to our work in regenerative medicine we also possess a large variety of perfusion chambers, bioreactors, and automated control and monitoring systems.


  • Nano-Sight 300 (Malvern) allows rapid, automated analysis of the size distribution and concentration of all types of nanoparticles from 10 nm to 2000 nm in diameter, depending on the instrument configuration and sample type.Image
  • Computers equipped with data acquisition modules and software (Matlab®, Simulink®, LabView®) are routinely used by us for modeling and analysis.
  • We also possess centrifuges, homogenizers, extruders, and sonicators for lab-scale particle production.
  • Our dry lab enables basic organic chemistry (fume hoods, etc.), histology (Cryostat), and DNA and protein analysis (PCR and gel systems).
  • The following equipment is largely available to us through our faculty members: real-time PCR machines, an ultracentrifuge, a plate-reader, a microtome and tissue embedder, an HPLC/FPLC, and a peptide synthesizer.
  • The following equipment is also available through institutional shared facilities: SEM, TEM, DLS and a zeta analyzer, confocal and multiphoton microscopes, sorting and 16-color flow-cytometers, an automated cellular and subcellular imaging system (IN Cell Analyzer 2000), and a state-of-the-art proteomics center. We have at our disposal fully-equipped animal housing facilities that include: sterile facilities, operating rooms, fluorescent and luminescence imaging machines, micro MRI, and micro CT.

Shared facilities units